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Maximising Your Profits, You Can Save Thousands!!!

We understand how often the idea of selling your home sounds great in theory, but in reality once you think of the expenses often incurred you reconsider. We also know that selling your home comes with a waive of emotion, not always positive.


We specialise in all real estate transactions including deceased estates, the sale of the matrimonial home, whether difficult or straightforward we make it simple.


Our clients save thousands when using Real Simple Real Estate. You pay only 1.4% comission at the time of sale with us, our competitors charge 2% or even 3% .


Now do the maths!!!


We also have a range of marketing packages suited to all budgets. On average you save over 50% which works out to be thousands.


With over 8 years experience Karina, Brigid and Sarah take pride in there ability to negotiate you a premium price. We are proud to save our clients money and put more in their back pocket. We keep fees down by not having high overheads and greedy intentions.