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Preparing for Sale

Presenting your home for photgraphy and open homes;

First impressions are crucial when prospective buyers view your property online or in the media. A clutter free, well presented home will always look more spacious and appeal to prospective buyers. You can help us present your home in the best possible way by following these guidelines.



  • Clean all windows- especially those with a view
  • Open all blinds and curtains and adjust to the same level- remove sheer/lace curtains where possible
  • Replace all broken globes. Normal (yellow) globes make for better photos than white (blue) globes
  • Remove all floor mats and rugs unless they are a feature
  • Straighten portraits

Front House and Entry

  • Remove vehicles from driveway and park them completely out of site
  • Mow lawns (not too short) and remove leaves and dead wood
  • Remove any shoes and bags from the front door/ entrance hall

Kitchen and Dining Area

  • Remove items from bench tops, window sills and sink (except basic appliances- tuck cords behind)
  • Remove cleaning products, dish racks, cloths,tea towels,rubbish bin, pet bowls, and little trays
  • Clear fridge of all magnets, papers, photos and calenders
  • Add a decorative bowl or bowl of fresh fruit or flowers to the kitchen bench and/or dining table

Lounge and Living Areas

  • Remove all unnecessary furniture and clutter to create an impression of space
  • Clear away DVDS, TV guides, magazines, remote, controls, games consoles and controllers
  • Clear coffee table of clutter and place large picture books or quality magazines on it
  • Add fresh flowers if suitable
  • Remove rugs and couch covers unless they are a feature


  • Ensure beds are neatly made
  • Remove personal items from bedside tables ( eg: books, glasses, jewellery, alarm clocks)
  • Tidy dressing tables and drawers, hide tv remotes
  • Remove floor clutter, fitness equipement, fans & heaters and clear area underneath beds
  • Remove unsightly posters from walls where possible

Bathroom and Ensuite

  • Remove cleaning products and personal products from the shower
  • Remove all items from the vanity top expect decorative bottles or a few ornaments
  • Remove mats, clothes hamper, rubbish bin and items hanging behind door
  • Display clean matching towels neatly folded or hung
  • Ensure shower screens, basins and mirrors are clean and dry and place toilet lids down

Entertaining areas and outdoors

  • Put away toys, garden tools, wheelbarrows, garden hoses etc. ( garage is a good place for these)
  • Remove washing from the clothesline
  • Remove pet bedding,bowls and droppings
  • Council rubbish bins to be placed out of site
  • Remove bbq cover & open umbrella if not windy
  • Remove pool cleaner, cover and cleaning equipement
  • Ensure pool is clean and surrounds are clean and free of any leaves
  • Remove cover from outdoor spa and place out of sight
  • Highlight outdoor entertaining areas with matching cushions