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Property Management

We understand the management of your property plays a critical part in protecting your investment. Owning an investment property is like running a small business.

While your property is ultimately your responsibility, our approach will ensure you are protected from as much risk as possible in this very litigious environment that we now live.

Our Property Management section aims to:

  • Maximise client income
  • Advise our clients how to maintain their property at a high standard including maintenance and improvements
  • Inform our clients of the state of the rental/sale market and the marketability of their property
  • Minimise vacancy periods
  • Be proactive instead of reactive
  • Provide the highest level of service using our unique structure

We can provide a full property management service or "Let Only" services where we find and screen the tenant, execute all paperwork and formalities such as in going inspection and bond lodgement, which lives you in control of the day to day management saving you money on monthly management fees.