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Real Simple Real Estate reminds you that pets are not permitted at the property unless expressly agreed by the landlord.

If allowed, please consider the following important information.

Animal Hair Pet hair in-ground into the carpet will not be removed successfully by steam cleaning as moisture allows the hair to stick to the fibres of the carpet. Lengthy professional vacuuming will only do this job successfully. The carpets may have to be professionally treated to remove the pet hair – this is charged at full cost to the tenant.

Some people are also allergic to cat hair. Tenants moving into properties may have severe allergic reactions should cat hair be present inside the property. This may result in legal action against the landlord, and as you may understand, we can only forward such action to the tenant that allowed their pet access to the property.


Animal Urine Animal urine can be very acidic and can damage the pile of carpet – particularly in cats and young animals. This can result in compensation being charged and in some cases, full replacement of carpets. Urine may even stain the carpet permanently. Stains can result in compensation or in extreme cases full replacement of the carpet. It is very hard to remove pet smells and professional deodorising may also be necessary. Damage caused by urine and staining will be charged to the tenant. Full cost to replace carpets may also be charged if the situation is serious enough.

Damage Damaged/clawed flyscreens and carpets, chewed woodwork and clawed doors and doorways is common when tenants allow their pets inside access. Cats can also claw and climb curtains damaging them in the process. If the item cannot be successfully repaired, it will need to be replaced. This is charged to the tenant IN FULL.


The costs here can be quite substantial and charges of hundreds of dollars are not uncommon. Animal Hygiene As pets are not washed as frequently as people, allowing pets to come inside, particularly if washing is infrequent OR NOT AT ALL is only inviting problems that will cause problems at the final vacating inspection. Fleas Fleas coming from a pet can quickly infest the carpet, also laying eggs. Further professional fumigation is required to this situation. This is charged to the tenant.


Cleaning Checklist:


Your cleaning and vacating checklist:

A lack of cleanliness is one of the most common reasons bonds are not refunded in full. It is a legal requirement that tenants leave the rental property reasonably clean when they vacate. Areas often missed when tenants perform their final clean include ceiling fans, light fittings, skirting boards and ovens. The checklist below will help you with this process when vacating. We recommend you use our approved tradespeople listed on our website so that the quality of work meets with our standards.



Hot plates



exhaust fan and filters

Cupboards and drawers (inside and out)

Bench top, sink and tiling

Dishwasher and filter



Shower recess and screens

Bath, vanity, grouting, exhaust fan


Wash down walls / ceilings - free of mildew

Walls, Ceilings and Doors

All marks removed

Doors and frames free of dust

Cobwebs removed

Skirting boards wiped down

Vents, ducts and light switches wiped down

Windows cleaned inside and outside

Sills wiped down, free of dust

Drapes and Blinds

Material drapes / blinds, washed / dry - cleaned

Venetian / Plantation slats wiped over


Light fittings

Fittings washed and dusted

Any blown light globes replaced

Open fire places to be swept and wiped out
Smoke detector replace smoke detector batteries

Floor coverings

Hard floors to be swept, mopped and polished

Carpets to be professionally steam / dry cleaned and any stains removed


Lawns mowed and edged

Garden beds weeded

Shrubs and trees pruned back

Paving weeded and washed down


Balcony swept and washed down

Garage / Carport swept and washed down

Removal of any oil stains from concrete

Cobwebs removed from external fittings

Garden waste removed and rubbish removed

Bins emptied
Mail and Utilities


Organise for final readings of amenities. Please note that electricity should be not be disconnected until a final inspection has been undertaken

Re - direct mail to new address

Cancel any periodic payments with your bank


Ensure pool water and chemical level is correct

Pool skimmer basket is empty of debris and all equipment is in place


Tenants Information Brochure: